Administrators and Supporters. Updated 20/07/10!

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Administrators and Supporters. Updated 20/07/10!

Post  Strikees on Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:53 pm

Strikees (Forum Owner/Creator and Counselor)
CstoysJapan (Cstoys International co-owner/founder and Administrator)
Superben (Cstoys International Co-owner & founder and Administrator)
Shukuenshinobi (Html worker, Administrator)
Ryukuya (Designer, Administrator)

Jedimon (Moderator (Jedimon is a special case))
Eugene (Moderator, CSToys live chat Perma-Moderator)
Shukuenshinobi (Moderator, CSToys live chat Perma-Moderator)
Ryukuya (Moderator, CSToys live chat perma-Moderator)
Strikees (CSToys live chat Temporary Perma-Moderator)

Update: I have changed Supporters to Moderators since everyone who is an moderator on the live chat, except Jedimon is also an Supporter (Now Moderator) on the forum.
Make sure to congrats Ryukuya on his "promotion" as he will now stay as an Administrator for as long as possible.

The, is currently NOT recruiting any Moderators.

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