[Selling][Trading] Various toys from personal collection

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[Selling][Trading] Various toys from personal collection

Post  Dannad on Tue Oct 05, 2010 4:25 am

Looking to sell a couple of figures. Unless otherwise noted, all items have been opened and retain their packaging, weapons, missiles and instructions unless otherwise stated. Prices are negotiable - will entertain all reasonable offers and trades.

1/6 Stuff

Hot Toys Black Widow - Head sculpt - 44$
Hot Toys Sheva - Belt with knife - 7$
Hot Toys Sheva - 2 ammo/clip pouches - 7$
Unknown manufacturer - Black lady sized coat (fits TTF) - 9$

First buyer of any of Sheva's gear receives the pictured boxes of ammo and grenade as well.

Kamen Rider
Sound Gaia Memory Vol3 - XTreme (silver & gold), Prism, Trial, Agito, Blade - $30 for all 6

Transformers Misc
Micromaster: Metrosquad - 25$

Transformers: RiD: (no packaging and instructions for Prowl, Sideburn, X-Brawn)
Deluxe Prowl - 12$
Deluxe Sideburn - 12$
Deluxe X-Brawn - 12$

Transformers: Armada:
Deluxe Optimus + OverRun (Japanese version) - 20$

Transformers: Cybertron: (no packaging for Crumplezone)
Voyager Crumplezone - 5$

Transformers: The Movie:
Leader Optimus Prime + Mini BB & Jazz - 30$

Non-Transformers: (model kits are unbuilt)
Yamato Macross 1/60 YF-19 - 170$ (will also trade for a Double Nuts YF-19)
Yamato Macross 1/60 Super VF-1J (ver.1) - 50$
Bandai Macross 7 1/65 VF-19 Fire Valkyrie - 40$
Microman Supergirl - 10$
Super Human Samurai Syber Squad: Phormo Set - $20
Star Wars: Power of the Force - AT-ST & Chewbacca - 25$
M.A.S.K. Manta - 15$
- Loose, Vanessa not included
- minor sticker wear
- T-shaped part on the front of the hood has been broken off
- Hood gimmick not smooth and catches sometimes

Random Xbox 360 Games : (all region unless otherwise noted)
Halo3 - 30$
Gears of War2 - 15$
GTAVI - 20$
Mirror's Edge (NTSCJ) - 15$
TES4: Oblivion (NTSCJ) - 10$
Command and Conquer 3 (NTSCJ) - 5$

Preferred payment method is Paypal. Buyer pays the paypal fees.

Shipping within Canada is 14$ for bare-bones. Price is about 10$ higher for the larger items (12" figures mainly). Will ship worldwide at your expense. Vancouver-ites are free to pick up.

Buyer is responsible for any and all customs or related duty fees, if applicable. Furthermore, i cannot be held accountable for acts at the whim of the mail gods if you choose to ship uninsured.


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