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CS Toys: Chat Rules/Manners

Post  Eugene on Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:54 pm

Hi Friends,
I felt it was time for a New Thread on Rules/Manners for the Chat this is where it is fresh and no Post in it so the old Rules Thread are Gone. So if you try to Post in this thread don't even try it b/c it is Locked. Too Much Crap going on the Chat today and we need to get things fix so this Thread will get Updated by the Moderators and Admins. These Rules will help us in the future to be Family/Friends. If you don't agree with them this will mean a Big Time Ban if you can't agree with them. So Please get use to seeing these on the Chat. The Moderators and Myself feel it is time to take a stand and mean Business. These Rules will reflect on the Minors, The Noobs, Members that been on for a While and The Moderators. If anyone comes up with a New Rule in the future please come to me are any Admins and we can work on something. Yes I know there's alot of rules I know but we need them.

So Now to the Rules/Manners:

Please Read...

Chat Rules/Manners!
1.) Listen to Mr. S and the Moderators!

2.) Please Use the Private Messaging System they are there for a Reason.

3.) Please Get Along with Everyone and don't Act Like Idiots on the Chat!

4.) No Swearing or Harsh Language!

5.) No Negative Comments Towards Chat Members!

6.) No Pestering (Begging) People for Stuff!

7.) No Selling on the Chat, There is a Private Messaging System!

8.) Don't Spam your Own Comment!

9.) No Posting Links to Adult Sites (Porn,Etc)!

10.) No Download Links are Allowed on the Chat. Use a Private Message.

11.) Behave during Videos for Youtube!

12.) If you see a Spammer on the Chat get to a Moderator ASAP to have this taken care of!

13.) Please Don't Mention any other Online Store on the Chat! If you want to talk to someone about an Online Store just use the Private Message.

14.) Please Make sure your Cap Lock Keys on your Keyboard is Off. If you Type in all Caps it will give everyone and Mr S the empression you are Shouting. You will be told about that if you are Caught in the Act.

15.) Without Proof that People have Behave Badly we can't do anything about Bad Behavior. So Take Snapshots as Your proof and send them to a Moderator or Mr S. Please send Pictures to elabauve@cox.net or n.bandelow@hotmail.com.

16.) Please be Respectful to Mr S on the Music he plays on the Live Show also he is only one Person and he will get back to you when he has a Chance. If you have a Request for Mr. S to hold some Items do not Private Message him email him. Please email him at: cstoysjapan@gmail.com.

17.) Strikees, Our Forum Owner has made a "None Tolerating day at the CS Toys Live Chat Thread" here is the Link: http://www.cstoysforum.com/cs-toys-general-discussion-f3/none-tolerating-day-at-the-cstoys-live-chat-on-the-07-09-10-t400.htm

18.) Be on the Look Out if a Chat Member has been Banned and comes back with a Different Username and his Actions Pretty Much Shows it. Please let a Moderator Know so we can Handle this.

19.) If you have a Problem with a Chat Member Please let a Moderator know ASAP! Even though you are getting Provoked by a Person. Try to keep it cool since it might be a Minor who will get Psycho about it. To the Noobs that just Joined the Chat please don't even think just b/c you are new that you can just come on and not follow the rules we all have to follow the rules if you don't you will be banned. To the Minors (Ages 9-17) please make sure you read these Rules and make sure you understand them this is not a Game.

20.) To the Moderators, Now it is the time to take things seriously it is time to not tolerate anymore Foolishness. Please Realize and Understand the Moderators live all around the world and have different Time Zones so some maybe have work, School are have to sleep to get ready for their daily Activities. Don't Hesitate to Ask Questions that's what the Moderators are here for and your welcome to ask Mr S also. When a Moderator Post's the Link to these Rules on the Chat don't comment are laugh about it. They are doing their Job.

21.) Breaking these Rules will not be Tolerated! This is a Chat and we need to be Friends/Family so have Fun! Thanks for your Cooperation!

So Please follow these rules and let's be Friends/Family on the Chat these rules/Manner ain't to be Played with.

Japan Time

World Clock

Google Search on Matsuyama

Info on Orders and the Show
To Help you Figure out when your Item/Items are going to be Packed on the Show. Here's an Example, Packing Shows are on Tuesday's and Friday's in Japan where on the other Side of the World it's still Monday going onto Tuesday and Thursday going onto Friday are it might be still Monday and Thursday it depends on your timezones. If you Order an Item/Items on Friday,Saturday,Sunday or Monday it will be packed on Tuesday's Show. If you Order an Item/Items on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday it will be pack on Friday's Show. There are conditions where it may not be on the expected day, such as holding an item for a certain amount of time. To also add, items ordered early Tuesday will possibly be packed on the Tuesday show if it is in on time. However that is unconfirmed. That can also be voided if the amount of orders exceed the work hours which then it will be pushed to another day.

Links to the Online Store, To the Chat Board, and You Tube Channel
This is a Link to the Online Store which only has Uglydolls:


This Link will Direct you to the Chat Room from the Forum:

This Link will Take you to the Youtube Channel where it has links to take you to Everything (Store, Show & Chat, Fixed Point Packing Table Camera, Packing Video, Photos, Forum, Blog, Twitter, Customer Service, Global EMS Tracking, International Mail News):

Here's a List of who are the Moderators of the Chat
(Going by Alphabetical Order from the Chat)

Strikees (Temp Perma Mod)

Signature Of Approval
These Rules/Manners have been Approved by our very own Mr. S of CS Toys Internationals
Masaki Seike

Please let these Rules/Manner and Links Guide you in the Future!

Thanks for Stopping by and Enjoy the Chat!

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