Fan game help?

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Fan game help?

Post  likkyzero on Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:55 am

ok guys i got a idea and i need all the help i need
its not important through

but i got a idea but i dont think its a good idea
i am going to start on a project called project D.C.D its a fan game but its going to be my first fangame
the basic idea of the fangame is that its a sidescroller kind of game with 4 maybe 5 characters
but i need help with alotta stuff
1.i dont know how to make a fangame maybe some advice?
2.perhaps someone to help me draw the artwork? i suck at drawing....
3.say do any of you know how to change real music into videogame music?
4.i cannot do this alone cuz i think this is a big project....

if you wanna help me out just say so

BTW this is my first day of the forums so hiya


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Re: Fan game help?

Post  Necronger on Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:34 am

1. Are you planning on making it in game maker, editing a rom, or from scratch?
2. Do you know any programming languages?
3. Have you planned anything other than the basic idea on paper?

I might help you it depends on how busy i am...

My qualifications:
I've done some spriting
I know, Java, C++, Basic, and Hexidecimal

I think though, you should have waited a while to post your idea and browsed a bit...

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