Televi Magazine Exclusive Philip Voice Sound Gaia Memory + Sound Gaia Memory VOL.3 Candy Toy

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Televi Magazine Exclusive Philip Voice Sound Gaia Memory + Sound Gaia Memory VOL.3 Candy Toy

Post  Kamen on Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:07 am

Sorry no picture or video now. I will update this week-end.

I just received yesterday my CS Toys order and spend the end of the day playing reviewing them.

Televi Magazine Exclusive Philip Voice Sound Gaia Memory

If the Televikun Cyclone/Joker was (according to me but I can be wrong) a disapointment the Televi Mag Philip Memory is great.

First of all the sticker is like the DX Memory : strong (no scratching when you put it in the Driver wich is a major problem with Candy Memories) and have a nice looking. The shell is based on the Capsule Memory and "much greener" than the DX Cyclone Memory.

The sound is great, better than a Candy Memory : 3 Philip's sentence from the show and 2 "Memory's voice" shouting the name of the magazine.

The famous W sentence "Count Up Your Sins" by Philip could by played simultaneously with the Trigger Shotaro's voice Candy Memory : just press four time the two memories' trigger !

When you play it in the Double Driver with Joker (or your favorite Shotaro's Memory) you have a nice show : "Televi Magazine ! Joker ! Maximum Drive Ikeso (Philip voice) Joker henshin sound".

A must have for all Double's enthousiastic !

The magazin itself is great. Few text and a lot of pictures essentialy about the upcoming Double's summer movie and a Kamen Rider 000 poster.

As a bonus you have a paper Double Driver ans Prism Breaker Shield and Double' stickers (Gaia Memories Logo, mascot Fuuto-kun, Kamen Rider Eternal and Double) and cooking tips for a bunto meal with Extrem, Goseiger and Ultraman looking Wink

Realy guys, you must have it !

Sound Gaia Memory VOL.3 Candy Toy

Extreme Candy versus Extrem Capsule

The Extrem candy Memories looks like the same as the Capsule version except for the sticker : a black shell with silver and golden glitter.
it doesn't sound like the Capsule version : the capsule sound is louder and quiker than the Candy sound.
So if you play an Extrem Candy with an Extrem Capsule it is a big disappointment : the Capsul sound overcome the Candy sound and is no synchronic.

I personnaly enjoy the Capsule more than the Candy version.
In the other hand only the Candy have the bird sound.

Prism Candy
Nice looking shell with low light green look and good quality sound.
Iy is a solo memory : if you play it with another Memory in the Double Driver the Prism henshin sound is longer and overcome the second Memory sound.

There are 5 sounds : "Prism" - Henshin sound - "Maximimum Drive" - Activation sound - Maximum drive blast.

One of my favorite Candy Memories.

Blade Candy

I discover the Kamen Rider series with Blade movie so I have a nostalgic feeling for this one.
A dark blue shell with a nice looking sticker.
5 sounds : "Blade" - "Turn up" + henshin sound - "Quick" + Blade roose sound - "Thunder" + Blade roose sound - "Lightning Blast ".

Bad point : when you play it in the Double driver only the henshin sound is playing. You do not have the "Turn Up". So it's better in the Accel Driver Wink


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