Super Ben's making some room sale

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Super Ben's making some room sale

Post  SuperBen on Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:23 am

LAST UPDATED: 07 July 2010

This is a Pre-Comic-Con/Morphicon sale!

Click on thumbnails and pictures for larger versions.

I can ship any day of the week from 8am till Midnight.

When you email me to ask for shipping, please tell me your country (if outside the USA), or your Zip Code (if within the USA). All items below ship from the USA. CA Sales tax applies.

Shipping is only included on items which state shipping included.

We prefer paypal, but can also take cash, check's and money orders.
We can also take CREDIT CARDS : Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express directly via Paypal Direct
Pay without the need to login or signup.

If you do want to pay with paypal, I will send you an invoice. So please let me know your paypal email address when you want to get something.

Check out


[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
Complete Shinkenger Mecha Set $450 shipped in the USA
-these are what we used as our demo items on our live show with the exception of DX Mogyudai-oh and DX Daigoyo, both of which are sealed MISB

FREE with purchase of Shinkenger Mecha
-DX Inroumaru, ShinkenMaru, and Promo Hiden Disk

Zyuranger Rangerstick Set NEW $90

LEFT: BOA Morpher w/ 2 coins SOLD
RIGHT: BOA Dino Bucker w/ 2 coins SOLD
Great for customs.
Zyu Reprolabels $12

Dragonzord Junker with Reprolabels, $35
-been repaired, can be used for some parts. Electronics still work.

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
DX Denliner 1-10, EX Gaoh-line, EX Dining Car, 2x EX Kingliner $250

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
Microman MA-12 Sakura & MA-11 Chin-Li $25

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
Microman MA-29 Rei & MA-30 Asuka $30

Viewtiful Joe Bobblehead $10

Hurricanger KB13 $30
-the stap part of the roller peeled off due to age. It can easily be repaired.
-Candy is still included

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
Resident Evil: Apocalypse Special Edition $7.50
Wall-E 3 Disc Special Edition $15
-Digital Code has already been used

Kiba Changer $60
-Missin Dome part

GI Joe Storm SDCC 08 Exclusive Shadow Bobblehead $15

Revoltech Ayanami Rei $15

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
Battlestar Galactica SDCC Exclusive Cylon 2 Pack & Helo $25

[URL=""]Pic 1[/URL]
Power Brace $120 SOLD

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
Timeranger & TimeFlyer Set $95

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
Dairanger Wall Scroll $35 Shipped in the USA
-dollr bill in lower left for size comparison

[URL=""]Pic 1[/URL] [URL=""]Pic 2[/URL]
Go Go V Wall Scroll SOLD

Candy Toy Kyouretsu-oh SOLD
Candy Toy Engine-oh 03 Bear-RV SOLD
Candy Toy Engine Soul #2 SOLD
Candy Toy Engine Soul #10-12 Set $25
SPECIAL G6 Engine Soul $20

DX Blast Buggy parts $15
-box and incomplete mecha only

GIU Kegareshia $10
GIU Urara $5
GIU Natsuki $5 SOLD

Ranger Figure Lot $20

Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Robo Lot $20

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
DX Bull Taurus $22

Time Emblem $20

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
Magimother Phone $25

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
Ohranger Changer Pieces $50

Time Emblem *MIB* $35

[URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL]
Jungle Fury Yellow Cheetah $12.50
Jungle Fury Super Cheetah Ranger $12.50
DX BattleFleet Megazord SOLD
Sega Genesis MMPR $5

Riker & Troi 2-Pack $15
Lt. Worf & Regent Worf Set $25
Locutus & First contact Picard Set $25
Capt. Kirk w/ chair $20


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