Catchin' up with Jedimon's Reviews

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Catchin' up with Jedimon's Reviews

Post  Jedimon on Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:02 pm

So it's been a while since I posted a review here. I'm just gonna list all the one's I've done since then so as to make it easier for anyone who hasn't seen them already.

Unboxing 4-26-10

DenDen Sensor

DX Trigger Magnum

DX Skull Magnum

DX Metal Shaft

DX Engine Blade

SHF W Luna Trigger

SHF New Den-O Vega

SHF Kuuga Mighty

SHF Kuuga Dragon

SHF Kuuga Pegasus

SHF Kuuga Titan

DX Fang Memory

Boukenger Accelluar

Unboxing 5-6-10

DX Xtreme Memory

Skick Brothers


DX Zeronos Belt

Boukenger GoGo Changer

DX Super GekiClaw

Gaoranger G-Brace Phone

Ibuki Whistle Changer

Hibiki Tuning Fork Changer

Todoroki Brace Changer

Riders, Rangers, and Rambles Announcement

Unboxing 5-21-10

Datas Hyper Part 1

Datas Hyper Part 2

DX Kaixa Belt

Unboxing 5-29-10

DX Den-O Belt

Vlog: Return of the Jedimon

DX Trial Memory

Vlog: Gaia Memories Sanjou

DX Garren Belt

DX Dopant Memory

Kuuga and Kiva Memories

Urataros, Kintaros, and Ryutaros Memories

DX Faiz Axel

DX W Driver

Shinkenger Shodophone

Damn, I've been busy lately.

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Re: Catchin' up with Jedimon's Reviews

Post  Eugene on Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:18 pm

Yeah we can see that Aibou! Laughing

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