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Post on Sun May 30, 2010 12:52 am

i'm currently waiting for kamen rider double fang memory to be restocked. while i wait i was wondering if anyone knows of other stores that may have it or older items like the metal shaft and trigger magnum in stock.

i found one called plamoya that had fang in for cheaper than cstoys but when i went to buy him i was told "no echecks, instant payment only".

since i have to wait either way for the money i like it better when i know the item is mine, just waiting to be paid for before they send it out like here.

my requirements are
1.must be reasonably priced
2.must use paypal echecks
3.must have a good reputation
4.must ship to canada.

can anyone give me a list.

p.s. i will use cstoys first but if i can find an item that's out of stock or no longer listed it would be nice to have a backup. i only have hobbylinkjapan as a backup but they're worse at stocking than anyone i've seen.

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