Rules of the Market Place.

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Rules of the Market Place.

Post  Strikees on Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:29 am

This is only a.. Beta forum. Just to see if there will be any activity and if people are interested in getting this up and working!

Welcome to the, Market place.

Here you can trade toys, merchandise or whatever you want to with other members.

This section of the boards has the following rules:

1. Always make sure it is an reliable person whom you can keep in contact with all the time under the trade.

2. Following things are currently not allowed to be traded: Pornography (Nor "dirty Drawings") or items containing Racist material.

3. When putting up an announce that you want to trade. ALWAYS upload pictures right away, not later even if we are talking a couple of minutes or hours. Just get it done right away so people can see what they are going to bid on.

4. Always when making a new thread about trading include [Selling], [Buying] or [Trading] in the post name so people will now right away what they are looking at and won't be confused.

5. If you have no answers to your post within the first 14 days it will be deleted and you are afterwards free to make a new one.

6. If you are so unlucky to find an buyer/seller who is not to trust. Let the Admins now (preferably Shukuenshinobi or me) and we will do some background search on the person (Finding the persons contact and details Via. IP).

ShukuenShinobi and I will as well Permanently Ban this person and have a Chat with Ben and Mr. S about permanently keep this person out in the cold. Which means he might not be able to purchase from CSToys again depending on the amount you lose!

ShukuenShinobi and I will update this along the way, if needed.


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